Kager lakes and Kaag island

Kager lakes and Kaag island

Our home port is in the Kager lakes. The Kager lakes are made up of twelve separate lakes, each bordered with various canals and reed ditches. The area consists of vast pastures, dozens of (historic) mills and picturesque villages. We are happy to tell you more about this extraordinary region.

In the heart of the Green Heart
Centrally situated in the Randstad, between Amsterdam and Leiden, you will find one of the most beautiful and largest water areas of the Netherlands: the Kager lakes. The lakes are found in the center of the Green Heart. The Kager lakes and the Braassemer lake are found in the area with the most mills and cheese-making farms of the Netherlands. In addition, the area is rich in flora and fauna. It is the home to summer birds such as oystercatchers and lapwings, but also large numbers of storks, hen harriers and various goose species are found here. The water contains a lot of bream and carp, while the land is the natural habitat of small mammals like hares and ermines.

A world of its own
There are various small islands in the Kager lakes, of which the island of Kaag is the only inhabited island. The island is a world of its own. With the large Van Lent luxury shipyard on the one hand and the nicely restored, picturesque houses on the other hand, the island is typical of the strong contrasts that are also found in the countryside surrounding the lake. Kaag is situated in a unique water sports area which is ideal for sailing, canoeing, rowing and water-ski enthusiasts. Despite all these activities, the village of Kaag breathes an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Around 400 families live on the island of Kaag.

The island is perfect for a nice stroll. Enjoy the beautiful views of the water and the pastures. Obviously, the village has plenty of outdoor cafés by the water to descend on. The old dairy is also worth a visit.

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